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Mantar in the montains

Our boxes can withstand the most difficult conditions, here we have an example of use under the tower, antenna, transmitter. At an altitude of 859 meters in the Opawskie Mountains

The Mantar wardrobe used here,

Mantar wieża

is, SM - 20 U- 100/60/60, we have a similar feeding, feeding, feeding and feeding solution.

- web wardrobe /, most often, with a checking cable, which checked the inspector on the field of 19 cameras, the positioning power supply and the positioning on the support bottom, supported in tracking its temporary absence. The use of 3 tightly clamping doors and installation readers for fi 50 - allowing for a cable pole, the cabinet can also be hung on dedicated stainless steel handles that have an installation that has an installation, only tightened with a 20 mm metal tape, screwing on a truss or a.

Mantar tower
This cabinet is made of 1.5 mm sheet metal, it is possible to use it). To create options for its use of various large sizes in a hanging location.

In addition, the club customer has the right key codes, which we recreate for customers in the event of loss, even after many years.

These cabinets were also found on voltaic farms as employees of photovoltaic systems and monitoring systems, due to their seal as a separate office to a switchboard inside a store or warehouse.
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